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The Passport Book Number in Nigeria: A Key Identifier for Visa Applications

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    The Passport Book Number is a critical document required when initiating visa application process in Nigeria. It serves as an identifier for Nigerian passport holders, enabling easy tracking of an individual’s documents.


    This unique number is often necessary when completing a visa form and other documents for record-keeping purposes. It is only issued upon obtaining a Nigerian passport, which Nigerian citizens use for international travel.

    Nigerian passports come in two types: the standard Nigerian passport (with a green cover) and the electronic passport (e-passport).

    Understanding the Passport Book Number in Nigeria

    Each Nigerian passport holder possesses a unique number linked to their passport booklet. This number is never duplicated or associated with another individual.

    The Nigerian Passport Book Number comprises eight digits and a letter located at the top right side of your International passport. This number is crucial as it is unique to each passport page.

    The Nigerian passport number has several uses, including visa applications. One of the required documents is the data page of your international passport, which includes the Passport Book Number.

    Additionally, when renewing your international passport, the Passport Book Number is used to retrieve your saved credentials from the system.

    Understanding the Passport/Travel Document Number in Nigeria

    The passport number, which doubles as a travel document number, is a unique identifier for passport holders in Nigeria.

    It is crucial to keep this number safe as it is used for identification during visa applications and other processes.

    If a passport booklet is expired, damaged, or stolen, the passport/travel document number is used to retrieve your information and issue a new copy. Therefore, safeguarding your passport booklet is essential.

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    The Difference Between Passport Number and Passport Book Number in Nigeria

    In Nigeria, the passport book number is the sole number visible at the top right side of your passport booklet. This alphanumeric number is uniquely generated for each Nigerian citizen.

    While in some countries, a passport book number and a passport number may be two different entities, this is not the case in Nigeria.

    The passport book number and the passport number in Nigeria are identical, as there are no other numbers present in the Nigerian passport.

    Important Reminder:

    If your Nigerian passport booklet is stolen or damaged, it is imperative to report it to the relevant authorities. In case of theft, report to any police station, and if it’s destroyed by fire, report to the fire service department.

    Upon reporting the incident, you will receive a case number and a sworn affidavit, which you will need to present to any of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) offices.

    Your passport is a vital document. It is advisable to note down your passport book number in a secure place.

    The Nigerian passport book number contains essential information such as your name, date of birth, place of birth, gender, passport validity, and country of issuance.