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HVAC Training School Near Me

Finding the Best HVAC Training School Near Me. Advancing your career is something that should be included in your future. If you possess mechanical skills, your best career advancement goal should involve an HVAC certificate. There are thousands of companies throughout the country looking for new graduates. Being qualified and certified is the best way to secure one of the jobs offered by these companies. How do you get started toward an HVAC certification? Find out in the article below.

hvac school near me

NATE Certified

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is a certification specifically for the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning industry. To get NATE certified, you must pass an exam that consists of approximately 50 core questions. The test is broken down into different categories, including air conditioning, air distribution, gas heat, oil heat, and heat pumps. Each category has an additional 100 questions that must be completed on the day of the exam.

If you have already completed HVAC training, you can still take the NATE exam. It is recommended to wait no longer than five years after receiving an HVAC certification to take the test. Some HVAC technicians find it easier to pass the NATE exam after working for several years in the industry. But, this is not genuinely necessary.

Most technical schools will combine HVAC education and the Nate certification study into their HVAC programs. This will allow the student to take the test before graduation.

There are several benefits to the NATE certification. These benefits include higher pay and better job opportunities. If you are NATE certified, you will have better odds of scoring a high-paying job with big corporations. But, in the meantime, you need to start looking for an HVAC training class that is currently accepting new students.

List of HVAC Training Schools Near Me 2024

#1. Samsung HVAC

samsung hvac

It is likely you have heard of Samsung’s HVAC. The company, headquartered in North America, operates multiple distribution facilities in Canada and the United States. People living in Roanoke, Texas are very familiar with the company, as it provides them with job opportunities and a long list of HVAC products to ensure their heating and air conditioning systems are running properly.

Samsung HVAC also offers training to high school graduates and adults who want to further their careers in the heating and air conditioning industry. The courses offered by Samsung HVAC include various topics, including light commercial, residential, and commercial-grade products.

You can complete the classes online at your own pace via the Samsung Business Academy. You also have the option of attending live classes and webinars. If you are currently employed, working only part-time, or are a full-time parent, this is the best option when it comes to HVAC certification courses.

Live classes are only available in two cities – Dallas, Texas, and Santa Fe Springs, California – in the United States. When you attend live classes, you will receive hands-on experience with Samsung HVAC products. To learn more, you can visit the Samsung HVAC official website.

#2. North American Training Center (NATC)

North American Training Center (NATC)

The North American Training Center, better known as NATC, offers HVAC certification to high school graduates and adults with a GED. The program consists of training for refrigeration and residential and commercial heating and air conditioning. This is an HVAC Excellence accredited program available to only those living in Southern California.

The NATC HVAC training course provides hands-on experience, study courses, and class time. If you want to further your career in HVAC and resident in Southern California, this is a great option for you.

You will learn about thermodynamics and electricity applications for both refrigeration equipment and air conditioning systems. The classes focus on both residential and commercial, as well as industrial settings. You will learn everything needed to install and repair HVAC units, including heat pumps, split units, and window air conditioners.

All students will undergo training for the NATE certification. Once you pass the NATE exam, it will be in good standing for five years.

#3. Tech Zone HVAC-R Air Conditioning & Refrigeration School

Tech Zone HVAC-R Air Conditioning & Refrigeration School

If you are looking for a personal environment to expand your HVAC and refrigeration skills, look no further than Tech Zone HVAC-R. The brick-and-mortar school is located in Irving, Texas. It is open for tours Monday through Friday by appointment only.

The greatest benefit of Tech Zone HVAC-R classes is they offer personal training. Each HVAC class consists of 10 students or fewer. So, you are guaranteed a more hands-on approach to learning about commercial, residential, and industrial HVAC and refrigeration applications.

Tech Zone HVAC-R is a TWC-regulated and licensed school. Students have the option of attending classes part- and full-time. If you hold a part-time job or have children, you have the option of expanding your HVAC career at your own pace. Attending full-time will ensure you graduate in a timely manner.

The instructor will work with you and your classmates to show everyone just how HVAC and refrigeration play a role in modern society. You will learn how to install and repair residential and commercial HVAC systems.

Tech Zone HVAC-R works with local HVAC companies to help them find qualified and certified HVAC technicians. If you are eager to build your skills and career in the HVAC industry, the staff will try to help you find employment before graduation.

#4. Hazard Community & Technical College

Hazard Community & Technical College

Hazard Community & Technical College (KCTCS) is a small school in Hazard, Kentucky. The school offers an HVAC program at its technical campus, located only a few minutes from the main campus. The technical campus has an HVAC course that serves about five counties, including Leslie, Perry, Breathitt, Leslie, and Clay. The course offers hands-on training and class time. Students can attend part- or full-time, depending on their schedules. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Students work in groups and alone to become familiar with the heat pump, window air conditioner, and split unit. Working in groups allows the students to rely on each other to problem-solve and repair damaged units. The technical school offers HVAC and refrigeration repairs and installation to the local community for a small fee. The students work on the units during class time to build their skills.

The school works with the graduates to help them find suitable employment locally and in other states. The number of students in each class is minimal to ensure a better learning experience. The instructors have more one-on-one with their students than in larger classes.

#5. Carrier University

Carrier University

Most people have heard of Carrier since they manufacture many excellent HVAC units. Well, you should know that it has a university as well. Carrier University offers various HVAC training courses including technical service, equipment training, system design, and more. It works diligently to add new curriculums to ensure students are prepared for the future.

The classes are suitable for many people including sales personnel, contractors, designers, distributors, dealers, and consulting engineers. Carrier University is located in East Syracuse, New York so it is a good choice for anyone living in New York, New Jersey, or another nearby state.

#6. Perfect Technician Academy

Perfect Technician Academy

Many schools are not military friendly but a few are. This is where Perfect Technician Academy enters the picture. This school offers a fast-track training program so consumers can enter the HVAC field much sooner than they would otherwise.

The main campus is located in Weatherford, Texas making the school a good choice for anyone living in the central portion of the United States. Perfect Technician Academy has HVAC training courses for various purposes. For instance, you can attend a class designed to transform you into a skilled repair technician. Alternatively, you’ll be able to learn how to install the latest HVAC equipment.

There are classes for service technicians and assistant technicians as well. The school is designed to help consumers become well-educated and thoroughly trained technicians. As a participant, you’ll learn more about air conditioning, refrigeration piping, heat pumps, gas heating, communication systems, and so much more.

#7. Ashrae


Ashrae is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The facility offers professional development training and instructor-led training. Students will embark on a journey so they can learn more about HVAC design. The ASHRAE Learning Institute provides consumers with access to four in-depth HVAC design and operation training courses.

These classes are designed to help enhance building performance. Students will learn how to design HVAC systems that will prove to be efficient and effective. They’ll also find out how to improve existing operations.

Design training is provided in various locations. It is pertinent to check the school’s website to learn more about its services.

#8. DMAC Tech Trade School

DMAC Tech Trade School

The DMAC Tech Trade School is a good choice for people trying to enter the field of HVAC. The school claims it can help students obtain a skilled trade certification in 4 weeks or less and you’ll be able to complete the course online. Students do not need a high school diploma to enroll. Since the classes are available online, students can access and complete the courses at any time of the day or night.

The school offers an assortment of courses including HVAC Certification and Training. Alternatively, you can attend the Solar Certification and Training course or the High School Diploma course.

According to the school’s website, consumers can sign up for the HVAC course for less than $2,000 making it an affordable solution for many. This institution is accredited with the BBB and maintains an A+ rating. Be sure to learn more about this school since it might be the best one for you.

#9. Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech is one of the leading community colleges in the United States. The community college offers an in-depth HVAC program in which the student will be able to work with his or her hands. This can be very beneficial when you’ve finally entered the field.

You’ll also learn how to work on furnaces and air conditioning equipment. You’ll work in a lab so you can find out how to install HVAC equipment, charge units, and troubleshoot problems. Along the way, you’re going to learn more about energy-saving equipment such as thermal storage, geothermal, and solar thermal.

Some students will have the chance to partake in community service by helping food banks or community churches. Graduates of Ivy Tech’s HVAC program will be able to work in various industries including building maintenance. As an HVAC contractor, you can solve problems associated with HVAC equipment in nursing homes, schools, and retail stores. Ivy Tech has several campuses throughout the state of Indiana.

If you live nearby and you want to work as an HVAC tech, you’ll want to consider attending Ivy Tech Community College.

#10. Ashworth College

Ashworth College

Many people are interested in getting an education on their own time. If you fit into this category, you’ll want to learn more about Ashworth College and its offerings. The college offers HVAC training that can be completed online. The affordable, self-paced program will prepare student for their HVAC career.

The course covers an array of topics including modern heating and air conditioning protocols. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive a $75 voucher that can be used for the ESCO Institute 608 Certification Exam. You can begin when you want and work at your own pace. Many will be able to complete the course in 4 months.

The affordable course includes a comprehensive HVAC lesson book, instructor guidance, and EPA Section 608 study guide. This college has been accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission and the Better Business Breau.

If you’re eager to get started immediately, you’ll want to take advantage of Ashworth College. The courses are affordable making them a good choice for anyone regardless of their budget.

#11. Lincoln Tech

Lincoln Tech

Anyone interested in learning more about heating and air conditioning systems should think about attending Lincoln Tech. This institution has facilities across the United States. For instance, you can attend a local class in Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, Tennessee, and elsewhere.

So, there is a good chance that you live near a Lincoln Tech Institution and you’ll be able to attend without traveling too far. There are more than 20 campuses throughout the United States and the programs vary from one facility to the next.

These schools award more than $14 million in scholarships and grants so you may be able to take advantage of these opportunities. This school has been providing HVAC training since 1946 so you can rest assured knowing you’re going to be in good hands.

Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll be ready to pursue other certifications such as the EPA certification. This is a good starting point for anyone eager to begin making money working on air conditioners and heat pumps.

#12. Tennessee College Of Applied Technology Knoxville

Tennessee College Of Applied Technology Knoxville

If you reside in Tennessee and you’re looking for an HVAC training school near me, you should check out the Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Knoxville. The full-time course will help students get prepared to work in various jobs associated with refrigeration and air conditioning.

After you’ve completed the course, you’ll be ready to troubleshoot and repair problems. You’ll also be able to install residential and commercial refrigeration systems. The course can be taken day or night and those who complete it will receive a certificate and diploma. The program generally lasts 16 months and spans 1,700 hours.

Tuition and fees will cost a little more than $5,2000 while books and supplies cost $2,600. This course is great for newcomers who are trying to enter the field of HVAC repair and installation. If you fit into this category, you should learn more about this school. The classes are held from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 2:30 PM. Alternatively, you can attend the night class between 3:30 PM and 10 PM.

#13. Penn Foster

Penn Foster

You’ve likely heard about Penn Foster at some point. This is not a coincidence since college is very popular among Americans. Well, you should know that it has several HVAC classes. The online classes include eight courses that are designed to help the student gain knowledge and skills regarding HVAC troubleshooting and installation.

When you enroll and partake in these classes, you’ll find out how to repair HVAC systems in an array of settings including large organizations, schools, and manufacturing plants.

Once you’ve graduated, you’ll receive an EPA Certification Test Voucher as well as a Preparatory Manual and Exam Registration. This combination will ensure that you’re ready to enter the field and begin making money. Penn Foster College is accredited and has been for more than 40 years. While its administrative office is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, you can complete the training course online.


HVAC Training School Near Me

There are many excellent HVAC training schools near you but you need to find the one that is going to serve you best. With that being said, you should analyze the school’s credentials, professors, and tuition prices. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have a better idea about which school is going to meet your needs best.

Then, you should enroll and begin learning as much about HVAC as possible. Before you know it, you’ll be repairing heating and air conditioning systems for money.