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How Much Do HVAC Techs Make? What To Know

    How Much Do HVAC Techs Make?

    A lot of people have made a career by working in the HVAC industry and there is a good chance that you’ve thought about doing the same. People need air conditioning units so they can remain comfortable in their homes. Otherwise, they’re going to be cold in the winter and hot in the summer. With your assistance, their HVAC system will remain operational and they’ll stay comfortable at all times. As an HVAC tech, you’ll have respect from your clients and you’ll make decent money.


    So, how much do HVAC techs make? Below, you’re going to learn more about HVAC techs and their average salaries.

    What Is An HVAC Tech?

    What Is An HVAC Tech?

    First and foremost, you should learn more about HVAC technicians. What do they do? You have to understand that HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. So, an HVAC tech is someone who works on HVAC equipment and systems. They may install, maintain, or repair this equipment. Before you can become a qualified HVAC tech, you will need to attend school, obtain an education, and get the necessary certificates. Once you’ve done that, you can start working in this field and making money.

    Why Become An HVAC Tech?

    As an HVAC tech, you’ll make a good living and that is one of the main reasons people enter this field. However, you should know that the benefits go beyond money.

    There are numerous perks associated with being an HVAC tech. For instance, you’re going to be able to meet new people and help these individuals.

    If you’re a residential tech, you’ll help people in your city. When something goes wrong with their air conditioner, you’ll fix the problem and you’ll receive thanks for these individuals.

    You’ll be able to span out a bit and start your own business or you can work for a bigger corporation. The possibilities are endless and being an HVAC tech ensures that you have the freedom to pick and choose. If you like helping others, working with your hands, and making money, you’ll love working in this industry.

    How To Become An HVAC Tech?

    Before you can become an HVAC tech, you’ll need to obtain an education. First and foremost, you have to get a high school diploma or GED. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to go to HVAC school or become an apprentice. Once you’ve completed the necessary courses, you will be able to get a license and the required EPA certifications.

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    Remember that you’ll need a valid driver’s license and you must pass a math test and a drug screen. Since the demand for HVAC experts is very high, you won’t have a lot of trouble finding a good job.

    By sticking with your career, you will be able to elevate your status in the industry and earn more money.

    How Much Do HVAC Techs Make in 2024?

    How Much Do HVAC Techs Make?

    Ultimately, it is tough to know how much you’re going to make since it will depend on several factors. However, there is a good chance that you’re going to be satisfied with your salary. As an HVAC tech, you will have a median annual salary of around $47,000 and you can make as much as $22.80 an hour. If you stick with it for many years and get several promotions, you can earn as much as $76,000 each year. That equals $36.00 an hour.

    Just remember that there are several factors that are going to determine your overall salary. More about this will be provided below.

    What Impacts HVAC Tech Salary?

    Again, you will find that one HVAC tech may get paid more or less than another. The salary is going to depend on several factors including your location. If you live in California, you’re likely going to get paid more than people living in Tennessee since the minimum wage is more in that state. However, the cost of living in California so the increased salary is likely to equal to what you’ll get elsewhere. Other things to remember is that your status with the company can help determine your salary.

    If you’re working in an entry-level position, you’re going to be paid less than someone who has been with the company for four or five years. If you’re loyal and stick with the company, you’ll get promotions and your salary will increase with time. As you can see, it is going to pay off to stick with the same company.

    Raising Your Salary

    hvac techs salary

    Many techs are going to be satisfied with their salaries but some are not. If you fit into the latter category, you should know that you can take steps to raise your salary. It might not be easy but it will pay off. For starters, you should do your best to outshine your competition. You need to prove to your boss that you’re the best in the industry and worth more money. One way to do that is by putting in more hours. Gaining more experience and working longer hours can help boost your salary. Simultaneously, you should be aggressive about furthering your education.

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    If you can go back to school to learn more, you should do so. It is a good idea to attend seminars as well. This will allow you to learn more about the latest HVAC technologies, advancements, and techniques. This will make you more valuable to the company than others and it may lead to a salary increase. Remember to continue working hard and try not to focus on the money too much. As a heating and air conditioning tech, you’re doing a lot and you’re helping.

    So, you should feel good about your career and being able to help others.

    Is An HVAC Career Worth It?

    Is An HVAC Career Worth It?

    At the end of the day, many are going to question their careers after a few years. Nevertheless, HVAC techs should know that their careers are worth it. There are many benefits to being an HVAC tech. For instance, you’re not going to be stuck in an office all day. You’ll be able to spread your wings, go outside, and speak with locals. You’ll develop relationships with your customers as you work diligently to solve their problems. Furthermore, you’ll encounter a handful of problems and you’ll need to find out how to solve those problems. If you like a good challenge, you’ll likely enjoy troubleshooting HVAC problems.

    As mentioned above, HVAC tech salaries are very good. You’ll get paid a lot more than others and that is something to be happy about. Finally, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find a job. As long as people have homes, they’re going to need air conditioners and they’ll have air conditioner problems. This means that they’re going to need your help.

    NATE Certification

    Most HVAC technicians take the NATE exam to advance their careers. The certification validates that the HVAC technician has tested and passed the exam. Being NATE certified shows employers that you are fully qualified in the HVAC industry. The certification will earn you a better paying job compared to just the HVAC certification.

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    Other benefits of the NATE certification include better recognition among consumers and co-workers. If you want to increase your salary, a NATE certification is key. All HVAC technicians with two or more years of experience in the industry are permitted to take the exam. For a one-time fee, you could increase your salary by thousands yearly.

    More Experience

    HVAC technicians with several years of experience in the industry are generally favored over new graduates. These technicians have more hands-on experience in the installation and repairs of HVAC systems. In some cases, HVAC technicians do not receive experience in both repairs and installation. These technicians generally install or repair the systems, not both. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Small HVAC companies will require their technicians to build their skills in both.

    With that said, if you have experience in both installation and repairs, your salary will be slightly more than inexperienced technicians and new grads. The more experience you have, the more you will be paid. This is generally across the board in the HVAC industry.

    Refrigeration Training

    In the past, many HVAC courses did not include refrigeration training. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. If you are looking for a new job in HVAC, you may be required to have refrigeration training. However, this is not always the case. It really depends on the HVAC company, as to what type of training you will need to get hired.

    HVAC technicians with refrigeration training are generally paid more than those inexperienced. You can always take courses on your on time to build your refrigeration skills. Most technical colleges offer part-time courses on HVAC and refrigeration. A refreshment course will help you score a better paying job or an increase in your salary.

    Graduate From A Notable HVAC School

    Like any job, it always helps to graduate from a notable school. Employers are always on the lookout for HVAC technicians who have graduated from notable colleges and technical schools. Some examples include Georgia Piedmont Technical College, Ferris State University, and Austin Community College. These schools are notable for providing in-depth hands-on training required to prepare new graduates for working in the HVAC industry.